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Monday, 14 July 2008

New Models From Maytag UK

Maytag UK have updated their line-up of refrigeration products, with Admiral side by side fridge freezers no longer being offered in our domestic market. Maytag fridge freezers
Exciting new features include the new full height stainless steel doors, and a deep reflective black glass finish on offer. Most models are now A+ rated for efficiency.
The changes include the new model in the Twenty Series, additions to the Trilogy range and two all new Zig-Zag models.
The Maytag ZigZag is a side-by-side but looks like no other. The ZigZag is an entirely new and original design crafted and created to offer a unique storage solution with space in just the right place. The telltale zigzag door emphasises the change to the interior space, which has been reconfigured to overcome the restrictions of a traditional side-by-side, within side-by-side external dimensions. Stuart Frost, Product Marketing Manager comments: “ The side-by-side is much loved by the British, and Maytag’s are particularly sought-after with their iconic stylish design. However, it is often a common observation that the width in each compartment of the traditional side-by-side is not quite wide enough to accommodate that special dish, pizza or festive offering. The impulse for the design actually came from our research guys in the laundry division who suggested extending the top of the door of the refrigerator into the freezer and the bottom of the freezer door into the fridge. It worked, creating a radical, unique and totally new approach to refrigeration. On the outside it oozes individuality, while on the inside it has been adapted to deliver practical and functional storage to satisfy the most demanding requirements.”
Maytag have spent over 100 years perfecting appliances until they deliver the peak of performance and the ultimate in reliability.

Friday, 11 July 2008


I own a Maytag Trilogy fridge freezer and love the American way of storing food. We don't seem to look after our food storage as much in the UK.

I will be leaving general information and tips about Maytag fridge freezers, and please contact me with any reviews or comments of your own.