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Sunday, 2 November 2008

New Maytag Drying Cabinet

Maytag have released an innovative new drying cupboard so that we won't have to leave our clothes draped all over our bannisters and radiators and on clothes horses all over the house. If your house does still have an airing cupboard, you probaby have your towels in it and not eough room for drying all your families clothes so this could be an interesting option for some people.

It offers the equivalent of sixteen metres of clothes line. It is freestanding and multi- functional and can be used for drying anything from expensive shirts and dresses to your muddy wellies. This appliances is available in either white or stainless steel, and can be installed anywhere in your home.

There are three separate heat settings and a four hour timer, but Maytag say that it should dry around 4kg of clothes in a couple of hours and even reduces the need for ironing!